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Лингвистический лагерь в Сочи лето 2017Английский язык для школьников

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Английский Французский Немецкий Испанский
  • А-1 (Начальный)
  • А-2 (Предпороговый)
  • В-1 (Пороговый)
  • В-2 (Пороговый продвинутый)
  • А-1 (Начальный)
  • А-2 (Предпороговый)
  • В-1 (Пороговый)
  • В-2 (Пороговый продвинутый)
  • С-1 (Профессиональное владение)
  • С-2 (Владение в совершенстве)
  • А-1 (Начальный)
  • А-2 (Предпороговый)
  • В-1 (Пороговый)
  • В-2 (Пороговый продвинутый)
Итальянский Японский Китайский Русский
  • А-1 (Начальный)
  • А-2 (Предпороговый)
  • В-1 (Пороговый)
  • В-2 (Пороговый продвинутый)
  • С-1 (Профессиональное владение)
  • С-2 (Владение в совершенстве)
  • А-1 (Начальный)
  • А-2 (Предпороговый)
  • В-1 (Пороговый)
  • В-2 (Пороговый продвинутый)
  • А-1 (Начальный)
  • А-2 (Продвинутый)
  • В-1 (Пороговый)
  • В-2 (Пороговый продвинутый)
  • С-1 (Профессиональное владение)
  • С-2 (Владение в совершенстве)

Наши замечательные преподаватели

  • Оксана Корниенко

    Преподаватель английского в Кожухово

    Преподаватель английского языка


    Hello! I am an English teacher, with over 20 years’ experience of teaching. I love teaching English and I love children very much. I am passionate about the English language. It is a real pleasure for me to see the development of my students’ language skills, and how a broader vocabulary and knowledge of English allows them to express and understand increasingly complex ideas.


    English teacher jobs are for people with great teaching aptitude and who have acquired mastery in spoken and written English. As of the additional qualities, one must be quite patient and match the teaching pace with the student's knowledge grasping speed. I am sure I comply with these requirements.

  • Анна Бадюл

    Репетитор английский Люберцы

    Преподаватель английского языка


    Hello! My name is Anna. I have a successful experience in teaching English. I am a very communicable and sociable person. I have a good sense of humour and get on easily with other people of all ages and background.

  • Ольга Силивёрстова

    Преподаватель китайского в Кожухово

    Преподаватель китайского языка


    您好 Я преподаватель китайского языка.

  • Ольга Школьная

    Учитель английского в Кожухово

    Преподаватель английского языка


    Hi! I’m Olga. I have been teaching English for 4 years and I really like it! Lots of people all over the world speak and learn this language. I think it’s absolutely necessary to study the English language for you and your children! Many films and literature are made in English. And it is always interesting to read an original book or to watch an original film. If you know English, you will talk abroad without problems. I love English and I’m sure you will like it too!

  • Вера Капорина

    Преподаватель английского в Некрасовке

    Преподаватель английского языка

    Success begins with a teacher who believes in you and inspires. Teaching English isn't just my profession but devotion. I'm deeply insured, studying English can be and must be captivating.

    Успех начинается с учителя, который верит в вас и вдохновляет. Преподавание английского языка не просто моя профессия, но призвание. Глубоко убеждена, изучение английского может и должно быть захватывающим.

  • Всеволод Букатин

    Преподаватель русского языка и литературы

    Дорогие друзья! Я приглашаю вас на курсы русского языка и литературы :


    -обучение эффективным техникам чтения и писательскому мастерству;
    -выработка интуитивной грамотности;
    -помощь в написании сочинений и подготовка к экзаменам.

  • Юлия Романенко

    Преподаватель английского и немецкого языка


    Hi! I'm a teacher of English and German and I like my job! The limits of my language are the limits of my world, that is why I always broaden them. Let's do it together!


О школе говорят

Новости школы


    I would like to tell you about my studying in school BET&S. I'm studying there for 3 years and for me all was OK. At this school students can choose more than eight languages. I prefer English, because this language is international. Students also can study mathematic in this school. This school is situated in the centre of our district. I think, school BET&S is most popular, because a lot of people go there. I'm very happy to study English there, because in my ordinary scool, teacher doesn't teach me... And for three years of my studying in BET&S, I can say, that I know English well for my age. Every winter and summer some teachers of tis school create a group and travel abroad. In summertime, they go to warm countries on the seaside. In winter, they go to snowy mountain places, where they can go skiing. When they are abroad, they also teach English. For the three years of my studying in this school, in my group three teachers were changed, and all of them were very good. At the end of school year, we have exams in BET&S, and after exams, teacher give us our results and official paper, which shows how we know English. It's good, because it can help us, when we will go to institute. At the end of my responce, I can say that this school is very good.

    Гриша Цицишвили


    I would like to tell you about my studying in BET&S. So, I'm studying here for four years. It is a geat place for me I've changed a lot of English groups and every teacher was very kind and patient. I made a lot of new friends here. So, this is a place, which i visit with my friends and get a new knowleges. Now I'm preparing for my exams, and my teacher Svetlana helps me a lot. BET&S is a part of my life. An education is very easy and cool here. Our teachers are understanding and creative. I hope, some years later BET&S will be bigger and more popular among teenagers.

    Кожухова Евгения


    I like BET&S, because it is really interesting and funny. I study in BET&S not for long time, but, as per my opinion, my English is getting better.I think, this is very good when you have got a good teacher, who can explain material well. Sometimes we play and I really like this!

    Ann Pronina

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Существует множество причин для того, чтобы начать изучение иностранного языка, но любое обучение эффективно лишь тогда, когда интересно и увлекательно, несёт в себе творческую составляющую и стимул для дальнейшего развития.



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Стань нашим студентом
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Учебные программы, применяемые в нашей школе основаны
на коммуникативном методе обучения, разработанном методистами
Кембриджского университета.



Коммуникативная методика - это, прежде всего, прагматический подход к изучению
иностранного языка. Для того, чтобы в более короткие сроки подготовить
студента к использованию иностранного языка в жизни, на начальном этапе
обучения приоритетными являются не фундаментальные знания лексики и
грамматики, а навыки коммуникации.




Особенностью обучения по коммуникативной методике является свободная, раскрепощённая атмосфера на занятиях. Тут нет места унылой зубрёжке! Вместо неё ролевые игры, творческие задания, песни, просмотр фильмов, театральные постановки. Сценки и даже небольшие спектакли используются для моделирования ситуаций реального общения на иностранном языке. Это может быть покупка билетов , знакомство, заказ еды в ресторане или попытка отыскать дорогу в незнакомом городе.


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Question: 1-6/30






1.Are you German? Yes, ....

  • you are German0
  • I am1
  • he is0

2.Are you and your friends German?

  • Yes, we are1
  • Yes, I am0
  • Yes, they are0

3. Mary: "How do you do?"
John: "I am fine." ....

  • "How do you do?"1
  • "How are you?"0
  • "I'm a businessman."0

4.He's my father

  • "Where's this?"0
  • "Where is he?"0
  • "Who is this?"1

5.What's your name?
... John.

  • My name's1
  • My names are0
  • Your name is0

6. Hello Silvia, how are you?

  • I'm very good0
  • I'm fine1
  • Me is fine0

7. Are you from England?

  • No I don't0
  • Yes, you are0
  • No, I'm not1

8.There's John and ... wife.

  • his1
  • he's0
  • its0

9. They are going to GB with ... son.

  • there0
  • her0
  • their1

10.Where is Susan going?
... going to London.

  • They're0
  • She's1
  • Susan does0

11.What are you doing?

  • I'm a manager0
  • I'm drinking coffee1
  • You're going to London0

12. Look! There are the Smiths.
Yes, ... for a hotel.

  • they are looking1
  • they look0
  • she's looking0

13. Can you speak English?
Yes, ....

  • I cannot0
  • I do0
  • I can1

14.Are you looking for a room?

  • Yes, we can0
  • Yes, you are0
  • Yes, I am1

15. Where are you going?
... Piccadilly Circus

  • ... Piccadilly Circus1
  • Near0
  • In0

16.Where's Susan?
She's ... holiday.

  • in0
  • on1
  • by0

17.Look! There's Liza.
She's ... the street.

  • in1
  • at0
  • into 0

18. Can I help you?
Yes, ... a cup of coffee, please.

  • I'd like1
  • I will 0
  • give me0

19. The postman always ... at 7 o'clock.

  • is coming0
  • comes 1
  • come 0

"No thanks, ..."

  • I don't smoke1
  • I'm not smoking 0
  • I smoke not0

21. My suitcase is heavy but yours is ....

  • more heavy0
  • heavier1
  • heavyer0

22.Volkswagens are expensive, but Rolls Royces are ....

  • more expensive1
  • expensiver0
  • more expensiver0

23.It's ... expensive car.

  • one0
  • a0
  • an1

24. Don't go near the river!
You can't ....

  • to swim 0
  • swimming 0
  • swim1

25. Don't go near the river!
You can't ....

  • to swim0
  • swimming 0
  • swim1

26.Next Monday Susan ... a film.

  • sees0
  • is going to see1
  • goes to see0

27. ... swimming because I haven't got the time today.

  • I'm not going1
  • I don't go0
  • I go not0

28. ... a newspaper?

  • Have you got 1
  • You have0
  • You get0

29."She's got a big car."
"Oh no, she ..."

  • doesn't!0
  • isn't!0
  • hasn't!1

30. What time ... to work every day?

  • you go 0
  • do you go 1
  • are you going 0

31. This is a hospital waiting-room.

  • Don't smoke! 1
  • Not smoking!0
  • Don't smoking!0

32."This is my husband."
"Oh, where ..."

  • do he works?0
  • does he work? 1
  • works he?0

33. He's a bad singer but his brother is ....

  • more bad0
  • worst 0
  • worse 1

34. This car isn't ... that car.

  • as fast than 0
  • as fast as1
  • so fast than 0

35.Are ... your books over there?

  • those1
  • these 0
  • that 0

36. Will you be at my party?

  • No, I won't 1
  • No, I will0
  • No, I'm not 0

37. My husband goes to work at 9 and ... home until 6.

  • don't come 0
  • doesn't come 1
  • don't comes 0

38.Mr. Clark smokes cigarettes.
What ....

  • does he smoke?1
  • smokes he? 0
  • he smokes?0

39.I'm looking ... my pen

  • after0
  • for 1
  • about 0

40. "I'm waiting for someone."

  • For who are you waiting? 0
  • Who is waiting for you?0
  • Who are you waiting for? 1

41.Do you have... apples?

  • some0
  • any 1
  • a 0

42. I don't have ... money on me.

  • some 0
  • any 1
  • the 0

43. No letters yet?
When ....

  • does come the postman? 0
  • comes the postman? 0
  • does the postman come? 1

44.He's a very bad driver.
He drives very ....

  • dangerously1
  • dangerous 0
  • bad0

45.And he's a fast driver.
Yes, he drives very ....

  • faster0
  • fastly0
  • fast 1

46. He's from Italy, ....

  • doesn't he? 0
  • isn't he?1
  • hasn't he? 0

47.That's nice and it isn't expensive.

  • Isn't it? 0
  • Is it?1
  • Isn't that?0

48. "I came yesterday."
"Oh really, ..."

  • how did you come? 1
  • how do you come? 0
  • how came you?0

49. Where did you find the money?
I ... it in the street.

  • founded 0
  • did find 0
  • found 1

50.When ... in Spain?

  • did you be0
  • was you0
  • were you1

51.... Scotch Wisky?

  • Have you ever drunk 1
  • Did you ever drink0
  • Have you ever drunken0

52. My wife and I ... married since 1980.

  • were 0
  • have been1
  • are 0

53.I've had this car ....

  • for six years 1
  • since six years 1
  • six years ago0

54.When ... the film?

  • did you see 1
  • have you seen 0
  • you saw0

55. "He's just come."
" ... he?"

  • Is 0
  • Has 1
  • Does 0

56.I really enjoy ....

  • swimming1
  • it to swim 0
  • to swim 0

57.He talks a lot about ... a new language.

  • to learn1
  • learning 0
  • learn0

58.Would you mind if I ... the window?

  • opened1
  • would open0
  • open 0

59.If it's sunny tomorrow ... for a picnic.

  • I go 0
  • I am planning to going 0
  • I'm going1

60.That's the man ... lives next door to me.

  • that0
  • who 1
  • which 0

61. Is that the man ... wife is ill?

  • which0
  • who 0
  • whose 1

62.She's the secretary ... I told you about.

  • which0
  • what 0
  • who1

63.When the doctor arrived the patient ... already died.

  • had1
  • has 0
  • ---0

64.I would buy a new car if I ... enough money.

  • had 1
  • would have0
  • did have 0

65.I would be happy if I ... rich.

  • would be 0
  • am 0
  • were1

66.If I ... her address I ... her a letter.

  • would knew / would send0
  • knew / would send 1
  • did know / would send0

67.I wish my husband ... me with the housework.

  • would help 1
  • helps 0
  • did help 0

68.They always repair their car ....

  • theirselves0
  • themselves 0
  • themself 1

69.I must wash ... hands.

  • the0
  • myself 0
  • my1

70.I know Julie. She knows me.
We know ....

  • ourselves0
  • each other 1
  • us 0

71.If you look in a mirror you see ....

  • yourself 1
  • you0
  • each other 0

72."I'm going to Bristol."
She said she ... to Bristol.

  • was going1
  • is going 0
  • went 0

73."I'll help."
He said ... help.

  • he will0
  • he'll0
  • he'd 1

74.She ... everyone she was rich.

  • told 1
  • says 0
  • said0

75.If I had known that you were here.
I ... you.

  • had visited0
  • would have visited 1
  • would visit 0

76.If Mary ... earlier, she ... the bus.

  • had got up / wouldn't have missed1
  • got up / hadn't missed 0
  • would have got up / hadn't missed 0

77.I broke my leg when I ... football.

  • have played0
  • played0
  • was playing1

78.What were you doing when you found the money?
I ....

  • went to the police station0
  • was going to school1
  • was happy, very happy0

79.I ... in this house for five years.

  • have been living 1
  • am living 0
  • live2

80.How long ... for me?

  • have you been waiting 1
  • are you waiting0
  • do you wait0



С самых первых занятий, общение преподавателя со студентами происходит на изучаемом языке. Для объяснения грамматических правил и значений новых слов активно используются видеоматериалы, рисунки и средства невербальной коммуникации. Применяя разнообразные виды учебной деятельности, играя различные роли: учителя, аниматора, оратора, оппонента в дискуссиях наши преподаватели создают на занятиях атмосферу живого, увлекательного общения. Передовые методики обучения в руках профессионалов дают прекрасные результаты!




Мы можем подобрать курс,

который поможет вам достичь желаемого уровня владения иностранным языком.

Для этого оставьте нам свое имя и контактный телефон.




Наша миссия, это не только предоставление качественных образовательных услуг. Мы рассматриваем иностранный язык не как академический предмет изучения, а как средство общения. Наша цель превратить обучение в увлекательный творческий процесс, научить студентов общаться на иностранном языке, общаться свободно и смело без каких-либо барьеров.



Помимо курсов английского, немецкого, испанского, итальянского, японского и китайского языков,
в нашей школе в Кожухово работают авторские курсы русского языка и литературы, а также 
проводятся занятия по математике для студентов любого возраста.
Мы осуществляем подготовку к ЕГЭ и ГИА, и международным языковым экзаменам.


Быстрый подбор курса


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Выберите удобные ДНИ НЕДЕЛИ и ВРЕМЯ для изучения иностранного языка:

Вопрос № 5/5


Контакты школы


Адрес школы:

г. Москва, Кожухово, ул. Дмитриевского, д. 7



+7 /495/ 782 56 69


Электронная почта:



Проезд на общественном транспорте:
Наша школа находится напротив автобусной остановки "Кожухово"

от м.Новогиреево - маршрутное такси 27

из района Жулебино - автобус 773

от платформы Косино - автобус 808, 613

из г.Реутов - автобус 14

из района Косино - маршрутное такси 717, 718

из района Новокосино - маршрутное такси 257

от платформа Люберцы - маршрутное такси 527

от м.Выхино - маршрутное такси 718м, 472м; автобус 872, 855